ӢA˻̽̕ ǰ͵()˻̻ Aberdeen Chinese Christian Church
ӢA˻̽̕ COCĽ̻ Aberdeen Chinese Christian Church
ӢA˻̽̕ ͸˻ͽ Bath Chinese Christian Fellowship
ӢA˻̽̕ ˹ػ˻̻ Belfast Chinese Christian Church
ӢA˻̽̕ ѭ Birmingham Chinese Methodist Church
ӢA˻̽̕ л̻ Birmingham Chinese Evangelical Church
ӢA˻̽̕ ˻̻ Birmingham Chinese Christian Church
ӢA˻̙C ˻ͽ¹ Chinese Christian Counselling Ministries (CCCM)
ӢA˻̙C Ҷ New Leaf Counselling Service
ӢAF ̶ٻЭ Chinese Association of Southampton
ӢAF ˹رЭ Eastbourne Chinese Association
ӢAF ʿٻЭ Islington Chinese Association
ӢAF ˸Ů Birmingham Chinese Women's Association
ӢAF ͳЭ Birmingham Chinese Society
ӢAF Birmingham Chinese Community Centre
ӢAF Ӣ British Chinese Society
ӢAF ӢĻЭ Anglo Chinese Cultural Exchange
ӢAF Ӵé˹Э Portsmouth Chinese Association UK
ӢAF ˹绪˸Ů Glasglow Women's Group
ӢAF ص˹ټ
ӢAF ִŷͬ The Lam Tsuen Overseas Chinese Community (Europe)
ӢAF ְܽ Lambeth Chinese Community Association
ӢAF ֿл˻ Lincoln Chinese Community Association
ӢAF ׶ػЭ Chinese Association of Tower Hamlets
ӢAF ˹طЭ Manchester Fo Guang Shan
ӢAF ˹ض Manchester Oriental Organisations Alliance (MOOA)
ӢAF ˹ Manchester Cantonese Operatic Society
ӢAF ˹ػ績Ů Wai Yin and the Chinese community
ӢAF ˹ػ֮ Manchester Chinese Centre
ӢAF ˹ػϻ Joint Council Of Chinese Organisationa Northwest
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